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Top 10 SEO-Mistakes That Totally Make Your Blog Die

The relevance of this topic is due to the fact that most entrepreneurs and business owners understand the importance of providing additional information about their product, company life, and new services on their site in the blog format.

At the same time, due to the presence of a lot of conflicting information on the Internet about SEO, and more often because of the absolute lack of knowledge or negligent attitude, in the optimization of blog articles, gross SEO errors are made which can simply ruin a good undertaking.

I have identified the top 10 SEO-mistakes that totally make your blog die and that are made not only by beginners but also by experienced professionals.

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Here Are Top SEO Errors:

  1. Unskilled copywriters: Writers who do not understand what they are writing about and for whom they are writing, then it doesn’t matter how many key words they write that’s all waste of time. Because in that blog post no Uniqueness and used keywords are in different that is not worth at all.
  2. Randomness: If a blog post is coming up too fast and randomly and there is no goal behind a post then that way our blog lost integrity and orderliness. Content has been posted and not tied up to a goal for a target audience.
  3. Stolen content: It’s the worst thing that can happen with a blog is copying someone else’s content to their website. why steal someone’s content, you can even insert a couple of sources from some other sources, include your conclusion with it seems like it does not turn out like that”. So stolen someone’s content doesn’t worth.
  4. No modification: Not updating the old content that has been already published and well written. Put some efforts to make your blog more attractive and unique. Take reference of different blogs and write a researched blog with high quality and unique knowledge. The blog should be hitting the requirement of a user.
  5. Lack of SEO optimization: Articles are simply written and published, poor keywords and content and blogs don’t show up in search results. It should be image optimized also. Image optimization is an important factor today. Images catch the user attention.
  6. Write for your own self: Blog writer has no idea what they are writing and not knowing what’s interesting to the target audience. Then it is better to write a book or stories, the benefits will clearly be greater.
  7. The main services of company and blog exist separately: When you don’t know how to add your company’s basic services to your blog then you miss an opportunity to promote your services through your blog and blog writer doesn’t understand how to promote your services through blog posts.
  8. No internal links in an article: Internal links that show further information on a topic of a selected word. If no internal link in an article that means, we lose to allow visitors to visit other pages of our website.
  9. Absence of AMP pages : In today’s time it’s must to have AMP pages because most of the users use mobile devices for internet browsing and with the growth of mobile traffic, you need not only an adaptive and fast web site, but also accelerated (AMP) pages that are loaded instantly on mobile devices.
  10. No regular blog updates: For a long time no blog post. Thus, you lose not only readers and site visitors who stop visiting the site in search of new interesting material, but also the attention of search engines, which depending on the continuity of blog content and updates.

So here some of top 10 SEO mistakes that totally make your blog die, so if we avoid or rectify these mistakes it will make our blog SEO friendly and user-friendly.


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Top 10 SEO-Mistakes That Totally Make Your Blog Die
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Top 10 SEO-Mistakes That Totally Make Your Blog Die
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