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Human Resourse Management Techniques

Human Resourse Management Techniques For Organisation 

There is a need for excellence in leadership, talent and performance management. We need to make new strategies for organizational success which provides the organization a sense of direction and an aim to reach.Here are some HR management techniques based on some examinations/Analysis that will improve your HR solutions in organization.

BYOD program

BYOD means “Bring Your Own Device,” and it has become a much more prevalent practice in a variety of trades. 80% of employees use personal technology for business use, so it makes sense to tap into this trend. Studies show that a BYOD program enhances employee productivity and proficiency and eventually, corporate profits.


The BYOD strategy gives employees the freedom to buy or lease the type and brand of device they prefer. They may feel more comfortable using their own devices, knowing they can stock photos, purchase apps, and text personal messages with the understanding that the phone or tablet will stay with them when they leave the company. Though the device is personal, employees are still able to access company emails, spreadsheets, contact lists, etc., with the convenience and movement that enhances productivity.

When employees are allowed to use their own devices for work-related matters, it saves money and reduces training time because employees purchase what they feel are best suited to them and their tech abilities. A disadvantage, however, is the lack of consistency among employees’ devices, because not all employees will be able to afford the personal expense for the same type of device. Employers can help by sponsoring purchases to ensure a minimum level of functionality.

Wellness program that contains a financial wellness section

As we say that Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy peace of mind and liberty from the pressure of poor financial decisions that can otherwise obstruct both your professional and personal life. Just as we can credit corporate wellness programs with an increase in productivity and employee engagement in the workplace, we have a growing awareness that we need to address financial well-being as well.

financial wellness section-Dtechviews

If you do not have an employee wellness program, build one from the ground up with attention on physical fitness to start. If you already have such a wellness program but have yet to incorporate elements of financial fitness, add in a module that explains employee’s better money management and spending conducts.


Inspection employees to advance engagement

Most companies want to advance employee engagement, as it results in a more enthused and productive workforce. The first step is to survey employees, asking input as to what you’re doing right and wrong as a company, which is also a decent way to measure employee satisfaction.

Inspection employees to advance engagement-Dtechviews


Based on survey results, set goals to fix areas in need of improvement. Survey again after six months or so to see if your changes have had a positive effect on employee engagement.


Renovation hiring and onboarding procedures

Getting off to a good start is serious to a new employee’s awareness of your company and their probability to stay around for the long haul. Your first step is to ensure best hiring practices, where job responsibilities are plainly defined and job applicants’ skills and expertise are accorded well to your needs.



Follow that up by highlighting an effective onboarding process that engages new employees in order to interconnect from the very start the worth you place on their offerings to your organization.


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Kanchan shrivastava

Administrator at AARON SOFTECH PVT LTD.Love being creative and innovative, Self-motivated and confident. Like music, travelling and exploring new places.


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